Yoga For Flexibility: Best 6 Yoga poses to be more flexible.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Being a pretty inflexible yogi myself I know the struggle of wanting to be more bendy but not being sure where to start. That's why I made this list of the poses I do daily in order to lengthen and stretch my body to increase flexibility.


Standing forward fold

Bring your feet hip width apart, bend through your knees and allow your body to drape over your legs.

Allowing gravity to pull your head and arms down to the floor.

To gain a deeper stretch here you can clasp opposite elbows, allowing the weight of your upper body to release over your legs.

Slowly work on straightening your legs here to stretch through your hamstrings more deeply.

Baddha Konasana

Know by many names but what I call, cobblers pose

Start in a seated position.

Bring your heels towards your crotch and let your knees fall open to the sides. Pressing the soles of the feet together.

Just let gravity pull your knees down while you begin to find length through your spine.

You can even pop a block or cushion under your sit bones to help elevate your hips.

Let each exhale guide a softening in your hips,

each breath allowing you to sink deeper into the pose.

Ardha Hunumanasana

half splits

start in a low lunge.

roll through your front foot, while straightening your leg, allowing your heel to ground into your mat.

Square your hips, bringing your front hip backwards while squeezing your back hip forward. Think about trying to let your pelvis face towards the front of your mat.

Let your inhale lengthen your spine, sending your heart out in front of you, coming up onto the finger tips or propping your hands up with blocks.

Exhale to fold over your front leg, softening into the stretch.


staff pose

This pose is deceptively hard, especially if you have tight hamstrings. so be kind to yourself in this one, practice makes progress remember.

Sit with your legs out in front of you, flexing your feet towards your face.

ground through your sit bones, engaging your pelvic floor to lift through your spine, reaching the crown of the head up to the sky.

You can always bend through the knees to allow your back to grow tall or even sit on a cushion or block to help find that lift.


Seated Forward Fold

From staff pose simply fold over your legs.

You can take a passive stretch like I am in this photo, just allowing your body to naturally fall over your legs.

Or you can straighten through the spine and reach towards your feet. Perhaps even gripping the feet and using them to pull yourself further into the stretch.

You can also keep your knees bent here in order to grip the feet and slowly work on straightening the legs once you’re there.

Supta trivikramasana

Reclined Splits