Why Choose Yoga

When I first started doing yoga I wasn't flexible (Couldn't even touch my toes), strong, experienced or even sure what yoga was about.

Luckily I had a great teacher who nurtured me, showing me that yoga in essence is anything you need it to be. An expression of movement that is personal to you.

But in case you need the strong cold truths of how awesome yoga is, here you go...



(but not how you know it)

It's no lie that yoga entails a lot of stretching but a lot of it happens without you even realising. Most of the basic yoga flows with help lengthen your hamstrings and increase mobility within your body, without it being too strenuous.

The biggest flexibility that comes with yoga however is flexibility of the mind.

The ability to let thoughts come and go, agility to move through your emotions without getting caught up in them and also a spaciousness in your mind created through mindful movement.


(inner and outer)

I think a lot of people are surprised when it comes to how quickly strength accumulates when you practice yoga. Although yogas main aim is not to be a workout, a session can sometimes bring you cardio and strength training in a fun 20 minute flow! Even just holding asana (poses) builds muscles.

Of course while the asana strengthen the body, our mind is also made just as strong.

With cues to let go of self doubt and focus on your inner power, you'll find that your mind is stronger than you know.


(up and at em!)

Weirdly our energetic bodies need us to be more active in order to gain more energy. This might mean that coming to the mat to begin with can be quite difficult however once you've paid into your energetic body, you'll be rewarded with so much more energy on and off the mat.


(and exhale)

Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand with yoga. Through the practice calming the mind will become easier allowing you to find a deeper sense of relaxation and calm that can be taken off the mat with you.

This of course means those with bad anxiety, high blood pressure or just those who struggle to slow down can find refuge in yoga.

Improved Over All Health

(happy body)

  • Improved posture

  • boosted metabolism

  • increased blood flow

  • improved lung function

  • Alleviated bodily pain.

yoga is basically something your body will thank you for.

If you're interested in trying yoga drop me a message on here or through Instagram.

Exhaling love, April

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